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Keher Dyal Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher
(cert. Level I)


Sat Nam!


Yoga is for every body and everybody. In my experience, this is especially true for Kundalini Yoga - said to be the mother of the Yogas. This Yoga is quite different from Hatha Yoga (which is the style of most Yoga taught in Europe) - in Kundalini Yoga, we do less stretching but do often hold postures longer than in Hatha, and there are many moving asanas, some with surprising motions and vigorous repetitive action. This is great for all of our systems: cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine, circulatory, and all the glands. We also do a lot of meditations, often 11min at a time or longer. Breath/pranayam is almost always specific to an exercise. The instructions are quite detailed and you'll know what to do - even with your "monkey mind", because a lot of Mantra is involved - silent and chanted out loud. It is a wholistic practice. Results are felt almost immediately - most of all, internally: you'll find that you might have more courage and less fear, that you communicate more efficiently, and that fatigue will be replaced by energy.

Beginners of this Yoga need a live teacher. A book or video won't do... it's too specific and you want to execute this yoga with precision. And you will have many questions the first few times. You can be completely out of shape or have zero yoga experience, that does not matter: but you need a real teacher, at least in the beginning. 

I am certified as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level I since 2016. My main teachers were and are Sada Sat Kaur (Italy), Sada Sat Singh (Italy), and Kirn Khalsa (New Mexico). I have been taking the Level II courses since 2018, one is left for me to do. When completed, I will resume teaching.

The last public class I taught was in Spring 2020, in Basel. I am still on hiatus / not teaching. I did want to reactivate my website (now, in Fall 2023) to let you know that I am still around, and that I am available for questions and requests.

If you wish to be notified when classes resume (I aim for Summer 2024), please contact me via below.

Thank you for your interest, take care and hope to meet you sometime.

yours truly, 

Keher Dyal Kaur

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Kundalini Yoga is my answer to all of life's challenges - personal, professional, physical, mental...
I hope you'll give it a try too!
It is often said that life didn't come with a manual, but it actually did: Kundalini Yoga!
To experience it is to be convinced of it. (no "believing" needed...) 

Keher Dyal Kaur

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if you have any questions or wish to be notified via email when classes resume, please email me at, or enter below

I'm in Basel, Switzerland

Swiss-German native speaker, and fluent in English


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